Communication Art

1914: F.T. Marinetti uses a telephone in a pre-multimedia performance at the Doré Gallery, London.

1922: László Moholy-Nagy produces his "Telephone Paintings".

1963: Nam June Paik: "Electronic Television".

1968: "Art by Telephone", Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

1969: "Wipe Cycle"

1970: Gordon Mumma: "Conspiracy 8"

1973: Elvis Presley: Aloha From Hawaii via satellite - First music concert broadcast live via satellite around the world.

On December 29, 1976, with the support of the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, Douglas Davis performs "Seven Thoughts" in the empty Houston Astrodome.

February: Douglas Davis: "Four places two figures one ghost", a performance "which was simultaneously cablecast to a large live audience outside the walls of the museum" (Whitney Museum of Arts).
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz: Satellite Arts Project - two groups of dancers are interacting at two different locations, three thousand miles apart.
July 1977: Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik and Douglas Davis perform live at Documenta 6 and are broadcast by West German TV to many countries, including the USSR.
1977: "Send/Receive", organised by Liza Bear and Willoughby Sharp in New York, and by Sharon Grace and Carl Eugene Loeffler in San Francisco. ("le projet [...] utilisait un satellite pour une transmission interactive de quinze heures reliant les deux villes)"
1977: "WorldPool" collaboration (Robert Adrian, Norman White).

1978: Open Space Gallery in Victoria, Canada, conducts several live Slow-Scan video transmissions with other groups of artists in New York City, Memphis, Toronto, Oakland, Vancouver, San Diego and San Francisco.

1979: Audio Scene 79 at Modern Art Galerie, Vienna

1980: "Artists' Use of Telecommunications Conference", Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco (curated by Carl Eugene Loeffler).
Galloway/Rabinowitz: "Hole in Space", New York-Los Angeles video link.

1982: "The World in 24 Hours", by Robert Adrian, Ars Electronica, Linz.
"Levittown", Utrecht, by Tom Klinkowstein.
"Telesky", Australia, by Eric Gidney.
"La Bourse de l'imagniaire", by Fred Forest, Paris ("projet réunissant la télématique, la télévision, la radio et le téléphone").

In 1983 several authors in various countries were working on an interactive "planetary fairy-tale" as part of Roy Ascott's project "La Plissure du Texte". Visitors to the exhibition Electra, which was organized at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 1983, were able to witness the production of a text on screens connected to the authors' computer terminals.
1983: "Contact", Tel-Aviv, by Natan Karczmar ("projet utilisant un réseau de vingt-quatre postes téléphoniques").
Wiencouver IV: Telephone music and slowscan-TV exchange between Vienna and Vancouver.

1984/85: Norman White: "Hearsay" - multiple text transmission (Toronto).

"le Toucher transatlantique", établissant une communication entre Paris et Toronto, a été organisé par Christian Sevette.
"Telefaxart", par Maria Grazia Mattei à Pavie.
"Labyrinthe", projet télématique reliant la France et l'Italie, par Marc Denjean.
La même année, l'on a pu voir Electronic Cafe de Kit Galloway et Sherrie Rabinowitz, ainsi que le premier projet de communication d'amateurs par télévision slow-scan aux Etats-Unis.

In 1986, the Venice Biennale features Laboratorio Ubique, a Technology and Informatics section. Roy Ascott presents "Planetary Network", a world-wide telecommunications project.

1986: Douglas Davis stages "Ménage à Trois", a live satellite and radio performance linking the Biennale, the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

1988: Les Transinteractifs, Paris-Toronto.

1991: Pauline Oliveros celebrates "Four Decades of Composing" with a six-city video telephone broadcast.
The Western Front celebrates Art's Birthday 1991, in connection with Amman, Barcelona, Boston, Hamburg and Toronto.
At the end of 1991, "The Thing" entered the telephone net in New York as a simple mailbox or bulletin board system (BBS)

1992: The war in Yougoslavia intensifies. The ZaMir BBS network is extended: two additional mailboxes are set up in Zagreb and Belgrade.
At documenta 9, Van Gogh TV present the Piazza Virtuale project, an interactive TV program.

1994: November: "Before and After Ambient" - inaugural event of the new Electronic Cafe at The Kitchen, New York (feat. a tele-concert by The Future Sound of London).
Electronic Cafe International presents "Three Cities", a "multimedia tele-concert (involving Morton Subotnick, David Rosenboom, Steina Vasulka with Leo Smith and J.B. Floyd).



June-September: Hybrid Workspace at Documenta X.
September: Ars Electronica: openX
November: Xchange On-Air Session, Riga.

1998: First edition of the Placard headphone festival. Days in Berlin.
Art Servers Unlimited gathering in London.
Polar Circuit workshop (Tornio, Finland).
Acoustic Space/56h LIVE - 56 hour webcast.
Riga: Xchange Unlimited

1999: Next Five Minutes Festival, Amsterdam.
Farmers Manual: "Help Us Stay Alive", 12-hour performance, FCMM, Montreal.

2000: January: Hot Wired Live Art worklab, Bergen, Norway.
July: placard #3, Paris. Third edition of the Placard headphone festival (including live audio streams from Brussels, Lisbon and Vienna).
August: Riga: art+communication #4
November: nato.0+55 workshop at DEAF Festival.

2001: July: placard #4 : Paris/Vienna headphone festival.
August: Riga: art+communication #5 (incl. Acoustic Space Lab)

2002: July: placard #5: Paris/Tokyo live streaming 72h headphone festival.

2003: March: Interfacing Realities, Rotterdam-New York network performance (at DEAF03).
April-July: placard #6: 95-day headphone festival.
May: Riga: art+communication #6: Media Architecture

April: Anyware, audiovisual streaming event at The Kitchen, NYC, involving artists from 14 cities.
June: Fada'íat, nomad media-lab taking place simultaneously at Tarifa (Spain) and Tangiers (Morocco). "The highlight of the media-lab consisted in setting up a wi-fi link between Tarifa's castle and Tangiers' Marshan."
September: Riga: art+communication #7: Trans Cultural Mapping

2006: Riga: art+communication #8: WAVES

2007: æther9

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