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Operating Systems:
Macintosh System 7.0.1P - 7.1
Windows 3.1
Nextstep 3.0

1992: Electronic Cafe event: "Brunch in California / Dinner in France"

15 January: Line mode browser release 1.1 is available by anonymous FTP. It is now possible to browse the WWW.

February 29: Bosnia-Herzegovina declares independence and the Bosnian Serbs declare their own separate state.
April: Bosnian Serbs, holding the high ground on the perimeter of the city, begin their siege of Sarajevo.
May 27: A mortar attack kills 16 people lining up for bread. The so-called Bread Line Massacre helps persuade the United Nations to impose sanctions on Serbian-led Yugoslavia.

"I discovered the Internet in 1992, in the pre-Mosaic days. Then, it was like a huge BBS. I remember describing it to someone as being dark ... I felt as I navigated the Net that I was groping around in an unlit world. It was quite wond'rous."

The summer of 1992 was the honeymoon period for the marriage of ravers and travellers. The culmination of these festi-raves was an event held at Castlemorton at the end of May. Estimates of the numbers present vary from 25,000 to 40,000; for many there it was the ultimate party. The media depiction, however, was of a marauding invasion and the public outrage sowed the seeds of the Criminal Justice Act 1994.

October: Online jam session between members of the Biosphere 2 project and Electronic Cafe (src(external link))

September: CU-SeeMe v0.19 for Macintosh (without audio), by Tim Dorcey from Cornell.

1992: The war in Yougoslavia intensifies. The ZaMir BBS network is extended: in july 1992 two additional mailboxes are set up in Zagreb and Belgrade - Zamir-ZG and Zamir-BG.

1992: at documenta IX, I take part in the Piazza Virtuale project by Van Gogh TV, an interactive, digital TV program.
1992: Eigenwelt der Apparatewelt exhibition at Ars Electronica.

Atari Teenage Riot's first single "Hetzjagd auf Nazis" is released autumn 1992 on Force Inc.
Entombed: Clandestine
Laibach: Kapital
Nine Inch Nails: Broken/Fixed

FILMS: C’est arrivé près de chez vous (Rémy Belvaux)

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