Interfacing Realities

Interfacing Realities: Rotterdam-New York, March 1st 2003

Live transatlantic performance at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival DEAF03 by artists Michelle Teran, Isabelle Jenniches, Lodewijk Loos, Eric Redlinger, Arjen Keesmaat and Daniel Vatsky. The project uses the software KeyWorx, developed at Waag Society.

Three artists sitting at a DEAF03 location in Rotterdam are connected with three artists in New York City. Three translocally linked pairs, three simultaneous and connected performances.
Inspired by a Surrealist game 'Parallel Stories', a word sent by performer or member of the public from a mobile phone appears simultaneously in all three performances. Each performance pair responds to this foreign text input sent via 'sms' by creating a visual story around it. Three parallel translocal exchanges within one physical space (a room in New York, the V2_ bookstore) are connected by the same word yet are unique in the visual interpretation of it. The performance is improvised and created collaboratively in real-time. The compositions are projected onto screens throughout the V2_ space.

Note: Presented in the frame of "Interfacing / Radiotopia / KeyWorx"
Radiotopia streaming participants are Sophea Lerner (, John Hopkins ( and Steve Bradley (, link)

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