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the performance will last exactly 7X7 = 49 minutes.
basically, the idea is that all the 7 performers will be preparing a meal.
- the first 7 minute segment will be the presentation of the performers and aides involved, of the location, of the local time, of the space, etc...
- the last 7 minute segment will be devoted to eating the meal.
- for the five 7 minutes segments inbetween - we haven't decided on a logic for them. would be nice to have one!
so there's plenty of space for developpment here.

J. Nylon's sound remarks about what invariably demands stage action and presence: http://lists.1904.cc/pipermail/aether/2007-July/000164.html(external link)

i will undoublty add some very specials ingredients to my recipe, to enhance the fantasmagoric meal: formulas, numbers, texts, images, symbols of carefully chosen nature shall sharpen appetites. Boris

MATH AND MYTH? returning to chance...
the seventh of July fast approaches...League is thinking about the meaning of numbers and chance, and myths made by the two in mental coordination with one another - the idea of the familial and familiar stories mapped out by numbers, surreal bunnies - fecundity in domesticity? (looked at the rabbits video and following your text on the baby below...) can we be mathematicians and myth-makers, or maybe the Math is Myth?

multiple time options?
http://timeanddate.com/s/ezf(external link)

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