placard #6

placard #6: somewehere > anywhere - April 26>July 29 2003 link) link)

17-18 May: half-placard, Tokyo: link)
27-28 June: Privatelektro, Leipzig: link)

"After all that, with a few different cities ready to participate, and experiences of difficulties deciding on appropriate dates ; we decided to test out a three month non-stop festival [in 2003]. This made it possible for organizers to choose their own perfect date ; it was also bringing the organizer at the same level as the musician (most often, the organizer is actually a musician anyhow...) having a new game - 'placard spotting'. The organizer uses the inscription website to create a time slot in the 95 day program, once this is done, performers register themselves in open time-slots. [In 2003] quite a few cities participated : Tokyo - Hannover - Grenoble - Barcelona - Strasbourg - Lyon - Bordeaux - Neufchatel - Leipzig - Hamburg - Marseille - Brussels - Mulhouse - New York - London - Melbourne and Paris."
Source: link)

"This will be the sixth edition of the headphone festival, as it goes on the festival grows, always trying to tend to what i think is it's real 'sci-fi' idea which would be the permanent headphone room network for live performances. Every year is a test inducing the next year's idea, the format itself is never really defined. (...) This year I think the next step is to open up to as many cities possible, also making it more accesible to organize. The 72hr festival is a big job, you can ask the wonderfull japanese team ( I thought that the best idea is to open up the program for 95 days (2280hrs) making it easier to choose when it is possible and for how long."
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