DEAF_00 nato summit

nato.0+55 workshop at DEAF_00, V2, Rotterdam
14 & 15 November 2000, 11:00-24:00, Zaal De Unie, closed workshop, but interested lurkers are welcome to drop by.

nato.0+55 is a new software package (based on MAX) set to revolutionise the realtime manipulation of video. The workshop brings together an international developers community for a two day jam session, culminating in a live public event with online and on-site performances.

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"Per Platou: (...) I was talking with Ellen Røed the other day about what happened at DEAF in Rotterdam last November where she took part in a workshop with 30 other Nato artists and they were basically showing each other the same patch. They wrote the different codes but they were actually doing the same thing. But that is an aesthetic, but one should be really have to twist your head to get around that aesthetic. And KeyStroke is the same, I mean I've seen that butterfly in the media folder a thousand times and some people when they see it think that this is what KeyStroke is really about. (...)

Gisle Frøysland: That's what I mean too because, especially with the Nato, I think it is a piece of art on the part of the maker because of the concept around it. If you are a Nato user then you have to get involved in this community. Because, of course Nato in itself can be used in many different ways, but you are constantly being projected to the nn kind of aesthetics through the mailing list and the website and these quicktime movies that he or her puts out all the time and it kind of imposes that this is the way to use Nato and very many do.

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