Fada'íat 2004
Tarifa/Tangiers, June 22-23 2004

Transactions/Fada'íat (http://fadaiat.net) was an event that happened in June 2004, between Tarifa and Tangiers: i.e. on the border between Fortess Europe and North Africa. Continuing with the Multitude Connected project, (La Rabida, Huelva, 2003), it was a social, political, technological and artistic laboratory that brought together a wide group of activists.- migration, labor rights, gender, communication...-, political theorists, hackers, union organizers, architects and artists to think about the relations between freedom of knowledge and freedom of movement in a society of globalised information production.

"The project’s codename is Fada'íat, which means "through spaces" in arab. The word Fada'íat is also used to mean satellite dish and space ship.
After many months of preparation hackitectura and many diverse collectives are working on the field: a very tense and militarized EU border. Our location now is a medieval castle in Tarifa, in front of a detainee migrant camp at the southeastern point of continental Europe. In a few hours we will try the wifi link to Tangiers, Morocco."


The participation of the hackitectura crew focused on the organisation of a decentralised No Border Media Lab, composed by a network of nodes situated on both shores of the strait. The highlight of the media lab consisted in the wi-fi link between Tarifa's castle and Tangiers’ Marshan.

"We consider that, for a few hours, in Fada'íat we were able to deprogram the system of automatisms which we usually react to the reality of geography with. The flux of anonymous data generated by mediatic cooperation achieved to feed a geographic algorithm, free code produced and supported by multiple nodes that managed to fly over and across all directions of Europe Southern border."

"Transacciones/Fada'íat, eventually, was a foundational festival, in the anthropological and original sense of the term; festival as a form of knowledge, a form of producing new subjectivity, imaginaries, worlds. It was like a rite presenting the new myths of origin of the multitude in the Straits of Gibraltar; - which is, indeed, a place that is not isolated from the world, but a central node in the global fight between Empire and the multitude..."

http://observatorio.fadaiat.net/tiki-index.php?page=fadaiat_2004(external link)
http://straddle3.net/context/03/en/2004_06_18.html(external link)

Software references:
http://www.hackitectura.net/aljwarizmi/(external link)
http://rama.xicnet.com/?page=appz(external link) (VideoFlow 1.1 and AudioFlow 1.0, multi-source mixer and streamer patches for Pure Data)
cf. streaming protocols

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