Western Front

"The Western Front has been a node on an international network of artists who use telecommunications art since the late seventies. Electronic mail and Slowscan, a form of videophone, were the first media used, followed by experiments with telefacsimile (FAX)."

"[In 1991], The Western Front has proposed the International Festival of Telecommunications Art as a freewheeling period of exchange and research. During the 17 days of the Festival, we will make connections with universities, artist groups and individuals in locations as far away Rio De Janiero, Tokyo and Baker Lake. A team of European correspondents (Van Gogh TV, Hamburg) will join us by videophone from various cities as they make their way gradually to Vancouver. They are expected to arrive here on January 16, just in time for Art's Birthday 1991."

http://front.bc.ca/(external link) - Current Western Front website
http://front.bc.ca/mediaarts/events/3133(external link) - Art's Birthday 2007
http://www.artsbirthday.net/1991/index.html(external link) - International Festival of Telecommunications Art

"Wiencouver History", by Heidi Grundmann: http://wiencouver.aaeol.ca/html/intro/intro.php(external link)

Wiencouver (an imaginary place invented by Hank Bull) is a series of exchanges, visits, and events that have taken place between Vancouver and Vienna since 1979, and continue with collaborations between Kunstradio and Western Front.

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