Xchange Festival

Xchange On-Air Session (art+communication #2)
12-15 november 1997

"Xchange is 4 days event concentrated on net.audio&radio work includes: net.radio conference, radio workshop, presentations, discussions about radio development, live music jam sessions and concerts, on-line press conference. There will be every day live Internet broadcasting from all Xchange events, net.casting of remote participants and available chat room."
Source: http://xchange.re-lab.net/festival/(external link)

15 November: Erik Davis gave his influential lecture "Acoustic Cyberspace(external link)" (transcribed and printed in the Acoustic.Space #1 reader, also available as real audio stream(external link)).

Josephine Bosma: Did the connection with the London pirate who was going to broadcast part of the Xchange Festival live, picking up the stream from the net, work?

Rasa: Not really and not with the interface. It was not so easy to organise 'remote' and 'real space' conferences together, but it was attempt at least. We did live broadcast from all 3 conference days and the workshop program, trying to make this event accessible also for remote participants and a remote audience.
Jodi sent their page and sounds for net.radio workshop night-broadcastings. Some people were following the conference from Backspace. Rachel Baker reacting to Erik Davis lecture in Riga about 'acoustic cyber-space' had real experience about this idea and in her response about the sensations of this broadcast she wrote: "real-time sound transmission with peripheral noises - chairs, people moving, foreground and background has helped develop a sense of space"

Sources: Rasa and Raitis Smits interviewed by Josephine Bosma, published december 1997 on the Xchange mailing-list. Republished on nettime:
http://www.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-9801/msg00006.html(external link)

http://rixc.lv/00/info.html(external link)
http://re-lab.net/netradio/workshop01/07/index.html(external link)

Erik Davis, "Acoustic Cyberspace"
http://www.techgnosis.com/acoustic.html(external link)
http://ozone.re-lab.net/festival/erik_d.ram(external link)

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