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01-03.05.2007 - Æther workshop at Mapping Festival, Geneva.
03.05.2007 - first Æther9 performance - Physical locations: Mapping Festival, Bâtiment d'Art Contemporain, Geneva (ch). Remote Control Monkey studios, Los Angeles (usa). A gallery space in Medellin (Colombia).
04.05.2007 - Æther mailing list is established.
10.05.2007 - Electronic cafe jam session (using a 6-frame html interface)
22.05.2007 - Æther Project Statement is published.
26.05.2007 - Participation in Skype discussion with VJ Theory.

11.06.2007 - Nova Viator creates a version of the Aether webcam upload patch for PureData.
14-16.06.2007 - Æther9/Remote Fairytales. MAAC, Brussels.
21.06.2007 - A wiki page is created to facilitate collective development of the performance scripts.

02.07.2007 - Online performance for conference in Rotterdam (New York Hotel/Piet Zwart Institute).
07.07.2007 - "07.07.07" - Online performance at 7 pm (UTC/GMT).
19.07.2007 - Online performance in the frame of NetUser4 International Working Camp, Pleven Hotel, Bulgaria (7 pm CET/UTC+2 hours).

18-19.08.2007 - Aether performers Nathalie Fougeras and Christiaan Cruz participate in the Placard Headphone Festival.
20.08.2007 - Public Beta release of better than TV, a MaxMSP patch allowing to view and create timelapse recordings of webcams.
25.08.2007 - Successful attempt at streaming audio from a built-in Icecast server (read more). Stream address: http://form.ath.cx:8000/aether.mp3(external link)

11.09.2007 - Creation of a Sourceforge project page for Aether9: http://sourceforge.net/projects/aether9/(external link)
27.09.2007 - New variations of the aether web interface, including selected live webcams.
4.10.2007 - International Sputnik Day performance.

26.10.2007 - "stationariy æmotion" performance at WORM, Rotterdam, during the opening evening of the new Rotterdam Art Lab 'Labouretum Lumbrici'. some stills are available on Garrett Lynch's blog.

09.11.2007 - "stationariy æmotion" has been staged a second time in the frame of the multi-locational "performedia festival" Tremor 4 <Live.Doc> in Bogotá, Colombia. Remote performers: N3krozoft Group Brussels (Chloé Cramer, Laure de Celis, Boris Kish); Colombia team (Paula Vélez, Leonardo Gonzalez Quevedo, Juliana Restrepo); N3krozoft HQ Geneva (Manuel Schmalstieg, Anna Popek); Live audio: Christiaan Cruz (Yorba Linda, California); Original screenplay: Nicola Unger & Audrey Samson (Rotterdam). The piece "stationariy æmotion" was initially performed at WORM, Rotterdam, on 26 Oct 2007.

16.11.2007 - Æther9 is awarded a 19'500 CHF grant in support of the project's future development by the Swiss media-arts programme Sitemapping.ch (Swiss Ministry of Culture, BAK).

15.12.2007 - Æther9 performance in the frame of Videomedeja Festival, Novi Sad (Serbia). Participants/Locations: Yorba Linda (California): Christiaan Cruz; Geneva: Manuel Schmalstieg (actor), Anna Popek (assistant); Brussels: Laure de Selys, Boris Kish (directing), Richard Milan (actor), Chloé Cramer (live text), Nathalie Fougeras (video); Medellín: Paula Vélez (directing), Viviana Palacio (assistant), Juan Guillermo Caicedo (actor), Pedro Hermelin (actor); Live audio: Judy Nylon, Jonathan Goldstein (NYC); On-location support: Cym (supervision), Luka Prinčič (audio mix); Storyboard: Laure de Selys, Chloé Cramer; HTML: Manuel Schmalstieg.

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