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I bought my first Atari 600XL in 1984 and six months later my 1010 cassette recorder. With just 16 KB I began programming in BASIC. After a while I saved money for a 130XE and XF551 disk drive. Around that time I was getting interested in electronics and began to upgrade my XL/XE computers. Memory upgrades, new OS ROMs like Qmeg and more...

1984: Apple introduces the Macintosh to the consumer market.
1984: the Electronic Cafe is instigated by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz (during the Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival).

Exibition: Les Immatériaux", Centre Pompidou, Paris, co-curated by Jean-François Lyotard.

I'm listening to the Hafler Trio (Bang!), Cabaret Voltaire (Microstories), Front 242 (No Comment), Celtic Frost (Morbid Tales)...
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"Decoder", with FM Einheit and WS Burroughs.

Des étudiants du Kyoto City Art College fondent Dumb Type.
4 mars: Einstürzende Neubauten donnent un concert dans le désert de Mojave (Californie) en compagnie de Mark Pauline (SRL).

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