placard #5

placard #5 : Paris/Tokyo, 26-29 July 2002.
Paris/Tokyo live streaming 72h headphone festival
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"With Placard #5, we achieved to have two functional 72 hour headphone festivals going on at the same time in-between Tokyo and Paris, with a two way stream system ; one performance room in Paris was streamed to Tokyo, while the main performance room was visioned in Paris. This attempt was the first to really achieve a link in between physical spaces, communication via video-conference and irc chat went on in-between the audience of both placards ; curiosity of being on two ends of a line in the same partying state made the 'tokyo-room' in paris just a step into tokyo - personally I think the funniest experience was to be chatting in the first hours of the festival with Noriko Tujiko who was the only person to physically attend both placards, then seeing her pop in Paris at the end ; it didn't seem to make any difference, as if she did actually just come through the computer screen."
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"we attempted to use the 72hr format once again in link with another 72hr room in tokyo & it worked quite well. Having three rooms in each 'placard' two for lives in each city, with one streaming to the third room in the opposite cities. The idea was with to try to bring the streaming part as close to having a live set in front of you with the means of chat rooms & web cams, tring to link the two spaces making a virtual link inbetween two distant appartments. People attending both venues started to communicate sometime in japanese, sometimes in english while a wild 72 hr party was going on in both appartments; which actually gave me a hard time in recabling the three internet lines though the appartment, running cables though a packed audience after 40hrs with no sleep..."
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