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thom_edison: 23:37:51
about sound, what are the alternatives to the mono-stream method?
The best thing is probably to have a "master sound patch" that can group several streams and re-broadcast them. It would make sense to develop this in Puredata rather than Max, since there is much better support for audio streaming in Puredata (there is no object in Max to receive the mp3 stream for example, while this works fine in Puredata, even under OSX. and of course there's also OGG support in Pd).

Note that some similar projects exist already and could be used as a working base, have a look at:

"Anyware was an international realtime networked, collaborative performance. Artists from around the world simultaneously broacast video and audio via the internet and collaborated/jammed remotely with one another. (2004.04.15)" see: link)
"FWIW - for the anyware event we used a modified NSlamm patch in PD to send multichannel audio from various locations." PD patch and explanation: link)

nSLAM link) (various downloads, not all files are working though) link) (explanations in french)


mp3 streaming channel
an mp3 streaming channel has been set up on
direct adress: link)
(can be opened in VLC(external link) or other audio players)

to embed this into a HTML page, it seems the easyest method is to use Web Music Player(external link), a small flash mp3 audio player.
you can check here how it looks/sounds: link) (it will not be working 24/7 of course).
potentially we could make the player so small that it will be invisible.

audio streaming with max
the sound is streamed for the moment with a max/msp patch, with the shoutcast~ object (from link) ).

sample max/msp patch: link)


detailed instructions: see æther audio patch

audio streaming with Pd
still this has to be developed. here(external link) is a patch showing the various streaming objects.
the necessary objects (mp3amp, mp3cast, oggamp, oggcast) are included in the Pd-0.39.2-extended installer, found at link)

implementation of audio was tested successfully for the rotterdam aether performance (2.7.07).

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