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Operating Systems:
Macintosh System 8.6 - 9.0 - 9.0.3
Mac OS X Server 1.0
BeOS R4.5
NetBSD 1.4 (supports 11 different platforms)
Yellow Dog Linux is released for PowerPC Mac hardware.
Debian 2.0 (hamm) - 2.1 (slink)
Browsers: ...
Computers: ...

I take my Toshiba "Butterfly" ThinkPad 701 out of daily service and buy a Toshiba Portege 3010CT. At 2.8 pounds, the 3010 is great for travel. But over the years it lost the ability to charge its batteries and eventually died. .

Kosovo: KLA attacks and Serbian reprisals continue throughout the winter of 1998”“1999, culminating on January 15, 1999 with the Račak massacre.

January 29-30: translocation - new media/art Symposium, Vienna.

February 6: beginning of the Rambouillet talks.The the Rambouillet Accords are signed on March 18 by the Albanian, American and British delegation, while the Serbian and Russian delegations refuse.

March 12-14: Third Next 5 Minutes conference, Amsterdam.
Featuring: Insular Technologies workshop.

"none of the conferents at the Next Five Minutes 3 — more than a few of them from the "ex-East," some fiersomely well informed on Balkan matters — openly anticipated that within the Next 2 Weeks NATO would beat Y2K to the punch and inaugurate the Next Historical Period by liberally opening its bomb bay over the Rump Republic of Yugoslavia."

March 24: NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia begins. Over the ten weeks of the conflict, NATO aircraft flyes over 38,000 combat missions.

April 23-25: Spring '99 Syndicate Meeting, Budapest.
April 26-29: placard #2 in Vienna, in the frame of the second Phonotaktik festival.

May 7: NATO bombs hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

June 8th: testing Pure Data — "just installed pd-0.25TEST7 (which in fact shows TEST8 when started verbose .. ;) right now, on a red hat 5.2"
June 12: NATO stops the bombings after MiloÅ¡ević accepts the conditions offered by a Finnish”“Russian mediation team.

June 14 - July 9: Neoscenes Workshop 2, Tornio, Finland.

July: first public release of nato.0+55
Oct 8-Nov 14: Temp Media Lab, Kiasma, Helsinki

October: farmers manual stage their 12-hour networked performance "Help Us Stay Alive" at FCMM festival, Montréal.

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