Berlin Micro-Residency

Boris: about the flyer: as there is a big incertitude concerning the exact venue of the final performance, the flyer could give the adress of a webpage where the exact adress will be posted when known. with something teasing on the webpage.
what will be the format of the flyer ? some content material:
Æther9 gathers souls in an dramatically online fashion.
Berlin shall host a physical reunion, a workshop, a symposium, a residence, and a final performance.
You are welcome to drop by at (adress + dates)
The final performance will happen at (we don't know at the time of printing, please check: http://xxxxxxxxx)(external link)

>> in response to boris - i like gathering of souls - in combination with the seance image manu uploaded - why not call it a seance? after all the aether9 tool can be compared to a medium - channelling our remote performances to the public : ) (audrey)
>> very much like the idea of the webpage mystery - divulging actual location on the day of the performance - very fitting with the seance approach - --- but lets be careful what we advertise i dont want the stress of producing a performance in that week ... we have so many other things to do!!! (audrey)

Manu: next important thing to do for our preparations, is to generate a short text-statement, some sort of annoucement / info / press release blurb, that we can put on our site, and send to xxxxx and our other hosts .... let's use this page to assemble such a text ....

audrey: (something i adapted from other texts we had for 'what is aether9' - in french)
Æther9 est un projet collectif. Il rassemble des participants nomades et délocalisés qui utilisent l’Internet comme lieu de rencontre. Æther9 est une plate-forme ouverte qui explore les possibilités de mise en scène audio/vidéo sur le Web. Ce projet porte sur la communauté en ligne et les relations qu’entretiennent les individus qui en font partie. Il s’attarde plus spécifiquement aux stratégies de communication développées par cette communauté, ainsi qu’aux potentialités, aux conséquences, et aux limitations de ce mode particulier d’échange.

audrey purpose of the week/micro residency:
During the micro residency @ xxxxx, members of aether9 meet in physical space to contemplate the future of the project, develop technical applications, and experiment with new ideas which explore the scenographic potential of the aether9 platform. The project is based on principles of distributed authorship and 'remote' performance. The platform enables streaming of audio and visual material to an HTML interface. (add/edit/...)

judy ...somehow the unique bit is that the video streams are live & from vastly separated sources

audrey so what is our relationship to the 'machine' (or the technology) in aether9? it is undoubtedly intimate... i think this is an important point to address/explore.

(encountering open spaces)

(encountering open spaces)

random inspiration sources

manu: here is a film still i have been fascinated with since a long time (although i never saw the film, fritz lang's "doctor mabuse" - i've been disappointed by every of his movies i've seen so far, but i love the film stills ...)

what about trying to reenact this picture? i think it would also make a good image for a poster / flyer.

audrey: i *love* this picture! very appropriate and evocative. poster/flyer potential yes!

some links

Workshop Location
_-micro_research Berlin
Linienstrasse 54
Berlin 10119 link)

the flat
Berlin Mitte
S Trainstation Oranienburger Straße link)

General Public
"General Public is an independent project space run by a group of cultural workers (visual artists, curators, among others) based in Berlin. (...) Currently the activities of General Public are structured into three distinct series ”“ DISK Sessions, LOGE and Orginalfassung (Original Version) ”“ and an irregular exhibition program." link) link)
Schönhauser Allee 167c
10435 Berlin
U2 > Senefelder Platz

Shintaro Miyazaki
He is helping us in arranging a location for our performance. link) link)

NK (neukoeln)
"At NK, we host monthly Experimental Concerts, Exhibitions of Sound Installations, Software and Hardware hacking Workshops, Artist Presentations and Talks, and a weekly SuperCollider Meeting."
this is where the performance and microsound event was scheduled, however it seems that the schedule has changed... link) link)
Elsenstr 52 2 HH Neukölln, Berlin, Germany


to me the 'exploration of scenographic potential' is calling for investigation as well as putting remote interaction on the same level than onsite interaction with space and people. to work out the nomadic idea more focused.
here again my image proposal for a flyer: Image

MICRO RESIDENCY AGENDA POINTS (this is a proposal please edit/add/etc)

  • tech development (which / why / what) — *** move to open source
  • PR
  • publications (content) what goes in it (number) multiple ideas (distribution) availability/counter placement/promotional
  • networked book chapter? link)
  • future directions (discussion to be defined? workshops/festivals/performance?)
  • financials/grants/sponsorship/art booking agent or representation


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