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Eidaphor video projector

"The Eidaphor was a six-foot-high cabinet that used a blindingly intense arc light, bouncing it off a concave mirror to make a bright, 875-line video projection. The fact that the device drew each frame by forming an image with an electron beam in a sheet of oil that was repeatedly wiped away by a windshield paper made the feat only more remarkable."

Source: John Markoff, "What the dormouse said", 2005, Penguin Books, p.151.

Eidaphor projectors were used at the following events:

1968, December 9: Douglas Engelbart's demonstration of the oNLine System ("The Mother of All Demos") during the Fall Joint Computer Conference (FJCC) at the Convention Center in San Francisco.

1972: Multimedia theatre for the Munich Olympic Games, by the Videoheads? group.

1982, September 4: the Us Festival - first direct televi­sion broadcast ever between the Soviet Union and the United States: "between Talking Heads and the Police, a broadcast from Moscow was beamed to the three large video screens around the stage".

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