KeyWorx (previously named Keystroke)
Multimedia software for networked live performance, developed since 1998 at the Waag Society, Amsterdam.

Description (from 2001):
"Keystroke is an application through which image, sound, text and animation can be created and manipulated live on the Internet. It is a multi-user tool and can be used by professional artists as well as others interested. It is possible for instance to have a jam session between a visual artist and a musician in the same place, or with a DJ and a VJ at different locations. Keystroke is inspired by the notion of synaesthesia; to hear images and see sound." (src(external link))

KeyWorx was used among others for the following projects:
Hot Wired Live Art, Bergen, Norway, January 2000

Interfacing Realities, Rotterdam-New York, March 1st 2003
Live transatlantic performance at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival DEAF03 by artists Michelle Teran, Isabelle Jenniches, Lodewijk Loos, Eric Redlinger, Arjen Keesmaat and Daniel Vatsky.


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