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"Xchange, the net.audio network, emerged from "Xchange on-air session", the 2nd new media festival in Riga "Art + Communication II", which was organised there by the E-Lab artist organisation from November 12-14, 1997."
Src: http://xchange.re-lab.net/i/(external link)

"The Xchange network was founded in late 1997 by three members of E-lab in Riga (Latvia), Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits and Janis Garancs who started an online audio project of the same name in July 1997. The three had participated in and helped organize the maelstrom of conferences, festivals and workshops during the European "short summer of the Internet" in 1996”“97." (Geert Lovink)

Xchange chronology:

22-23 November 1996: Art+Communication - E-lab opening festival
http://home.parks.lv/E-LAB/events/fest.html(external link)

July-November 1997: Xchange net.audio compilations:
9th July 1997: Xchange #1 is published.
20th August: Xchange #2, mostly prepared in Hybrid Workspace, DocumentaX.
8th September: Xchange #3, a part of Remote C project, Ars Electronica festival.
October/November: Xchange #4/#5, dedicted to P2P conference at Rotterdam & Amsterdam in October 1997.

12-15 November 1997: Xchange On-Air Session (art+communication #2)
"Xchange is 4 days event concentrated on net.audio&radio work includes:
net.radio conference, radio workshop, presentations, discussions about
radio development, live music jam sessions and concerts, on-line press
conference." Source: http://xchange.re-lab.net/festival/(external link)

December 1997: the Xchange Mailing-list(external link) is initiated.

September 8-10 1998: Acoustic Space/56h LIVE
56 hour webcast from Ars Electronica, Linz.

November 25-19 1998: Xchange Unlimited (art+communication #3)
"The 1998 festival, named "Xchange Unlimited" was held together with The Baltic Interface Net meeting, and it included the conference, workshops, party; and developed conceptual ideas for the Interfund - virtual foundation that would support new media artists."
http://re-lab.net/xu/(external link)

"Since then a number net.radio events, meetings and net.radio nights by Xchange participants have taken place in the framework of various international media art festivals, workshops, temporary labs and other new media events. To name just a few ”“ Net.radio night at Art Servers Unlimited, London, July 1998; Net.radio workshop at Polar Circuit II, July 1998 in Tornio; Net.radio live at Comm_X_Change’98, October 1998 in Basel; Art+Communication in Riga, 1997 and 1998; Streaming Media workshop in Next Five Minutes in Amsterdam, March 1999, and net.congestion festival for streaming media in Amsterdam 2000. (...) Very soon “the summer of net.radio’98” was over." (src(external link))

August 24-26 2000: InterCultural Jamming (art+communication #4)
http://rixc.lv/00/main.html(external link)

August 4-15 2001: art+communication #5
incl. Acoustic Space Lab symposium, Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center, August 4-12.
http://rixc.lv/01/main.html(external link)

May 15-18 2003: Media Architecture (art+communication #6)
http://rixc.lv/03/info.html(external link)

September 30 - October 3 2004: Trans Cultural Mapping (art+communication #7)
http://rixc.lv/04/en/info/(external link)

August 24 - 26 2006: Waves (art+communication #8)
http://rixc.lv/waves/(external link)

May 31 ”“ June 10 2007: Spectral Ecology (art+communication #9)
http://rixc.lv/07/(external link)

Acoustic.Space #1 (1998)
Acoustic.Space #2 (1999)
Acoustic.Space #3 (2000)
Acoustic.Space #5 - Trans Cultural Mapping 2003

LOVINK, Geert: "A History of the Xchange Network", excerpted from My First Recession. Available online: http://rixc.lv/reader/txt/txt.php?id=203&l=en(external link)
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