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January 8: Nam June Paik writes the Binghamton letter to his friends at Radical Software.

Douglas Davis performs Talk-Out!, a three-hour interactive telethon co-sponsored by the Everson Museum and WCNY-PBS. "viewers participated in the creation of a collaborative text by phoning into the artist who, live, and on camera, literally typed their responses to his text onto the screen in a continuous, superimposed text roll."

Vague d'attentats RAF. Juin: arrestation de la bande Baader-Meinhof.

Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari publient "L'Anti-Oedipe".

PKD donne la conférence "L'homme et l'androïde".

Début de la crise du Watergate.

20 décembre: le premier satellite Rhyolite, capable d'intercepter les transmissions micro-ondes, est placé en orbite géostationnaire.

Noland Bushnell invente Pong (premier jeu vidéo commercial) et fonde Atari.

Sony commercialise le premier caméscope couleur et introduit un standard des cassettes.

An exchange between ELIZA (a chatterbot simulating a Rogerian therapist) and PARRY (a simulation of a paranoid schizophrenic patient) occurs at the ICCC, where PARRY and ELIZA are hooked up over ARPANET and "talk" to each other.

1969 1970 1971 << >> 1973 1974 1975

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