video telephone

"I started working with remote locations in 1990 when I participated as an interviewee from the Verbum Gallery in San Diego with my interviewers Morton Subotnick and David Rosenboom in Santa Monica at the Electronic Cafe, run by Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz. The medium was video telephone. The video updated every five seconds as a new still image. This was a fun medium to play with. There is a lot one can do in five seconds to change the way things look." (Pauline Oliveros)

Projects involving video telephones:
The WorldPool group, according to Norman White, made use of VideoPhones in combination with Slow-Scan TV.
Joe Catalano uses a slow-scan videophone in his performance piece As Oceans Curve. "The performance involved linking many different artists at two sites, the Electronic Cafe in Los Angeles and Other Visions in Oakland".
International Festival of Telecommunications Art, Western Front, Vancouver, 1991.
In 1991, Pauline Oliveros celebrates "Four Decades of Composing" with a six-city video phone transmission.

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