AIRWAVES, LP, One Ten Records, 1977

Compiled by Bob George (28 yrs).

"George went to New York City in 1974 as a visual arts student at the Whitney Museum Studio Program. From 1975 to 1979, he co-directed performance artist Laurie Anderson’s stage show. In 1977, he formed One Ten Records and released the first commercial compilation of audio work by visual artists””a two record set entitled Airwaves, that included the initial recordings of Laurie Anderson and unreleased work by Meredith Monk. In 1980, he received a National Endowment for the Arts grant to produce recordings by visual artists, and in 1981 released Laurie Anderson’s first single “O Superman”. This single went to number two on the UK charts and reached the top 20 in 16 countries. It was eventually released by WEA and has sold close to a million copies worldwide." (src(external link))

Airwaves - Tracklist:

1. Vito Acconci TEN PACKED MINUTES (12:47), 1977.

Musical excerpts from the recordings of Leon Redbone, Cow Cow Davenport, Eric Dolphy, Karl Berqer and Ornette Colemor

2. Jana Haimsohn HAV'A LAVA FLOW (2:36) 1977

3. Terry Fox THE LABYRINTH SCORED FOR THE PURRS OF 11 DIFFERENT CATS (9:03) excerpt. 1976. enginered at ZBS Media Inc. by B. Bielecki

4. Julia Heyward MONGOLIAN FACE SLAP BIG COUP (part one) NOSE FLUTE, BIG COUP (part two) (8:48) 1977

5. Dennis Oppenheim BROKEN RECORD BLUES (5:00) 1976

6. Meredith Monk RALLY (3:23) scored for twenty five voices recorded at WBAI, NYC

7. Meredith Monk PROCESSION (6:42) Voice and piano from the opera QUARRY, 1975-76 engineered by Lucy Laurie at Big Apple Studios

8. Diego Cortez ARBITER (1:42)

9. Diego Cortez YOU PAY (1:45) from the sound track of the film POISONING, 1975 engineered at ZBS Media Inc. by B. Bielecki

10. Jim Burton HIGH COUNTRY HELIUM (5:58) (John Deak viola, percussion Ed Friedman bottle neck guitar Jim Burton peddle steel 1976. engineered by Charlie Morrow)

11. Leandro Katz ANIMAL HOURS (7:50) 1977. voices: Judith Hendra, Ellen Friedenberg, Ted Castle, Leandro Katz.

12. Connie Beckley TRIAD TRIANGLE (5:48) 1977mp3<

13. Laurie Anderson TWO SONGS FOR TAPE BOW VIOLIN: (4:06) ETHICS IS THE ESTHETICS OF THE FEW-TURE (Lenin) SONG FOR JUANITA, 1977 (1:45, St. Marks Church, NYC, May 18, 1977)

14. Laurie Anderson IS ANYBODY HOME, 1976 (4:27) for boot horn, camera, stairs, piano, and voice, Peter Gordon: clarinet Joe Kos: drums Scott Johnson: bass Laurie Anderson: voice, violin

15. Laurie Anderson IT'S NOT THE BULLET THAT KILLS YOU - IT'S THE HOLE (for Chris Burden), 1976 (3:49) Scott Johnson: guitar, boss; Joe Kos: drums; Ken Deifik: harmonica; Laurie Anderson: violin, voice; Scott Johnson, Laurie Anderson & Ken Deifik: arrangement

16. Diego Cortex CATARACT MONOLOGUE (2:53) - excerpt from address delivered o "April Meeting,' Belgrade, 1976

17. Jacki Apple BLACK HOLES/blue sky dreams (8:00) - music: Zephryn engineer: Rhys Chatham

18. Richard Nonas WHAT DO YOU KNOW (:20) 1976-77

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