Hot Wired Live Art

Hot Wired Live Art
Jan 4-16 2000, Bergen, Norway.
Hosted by Motherboard in collaboration with BEK.

"Hot Wired Live Art (HWLA) is a two week intensive laboratory initiated by Motherboard in collaboration with BEK and Bergen Academy of Fine Art. A number of artists (approx. 16) from Norway, Germany, Holland, Canada, England and Austria have been invited to pool their knowledge in a two-week intensive workshop which will culminate in a 2-day public presentation/live art event. (...)

During the two weeks we will be beta-testing a very interesting new software named KEYSTROKE, currently under development by WAAG - Society for Old and New Media in Amsterdam by a production team headed by Sher Doruff.

We also plan to utilise the whole spectrum of the existing midi/video/sound/net apps that most of the participants have some experience with, such as BigEye, Image/ine, Xpose, vidvox prophet, nato0.55, Rocketfuel (live midi jamming), Apple Speech recognition, icontext (chat/ascii-jamming), ivisit, webcam/html/java stuff etc. etc., and try trigger methods available for instance with i/cube and MAX."

HWLA participants:
  • Sher Doruff, artist and leading software developer from Steim/Society for Old and New Media, Holland.
  • Scott deLahunta, artist and researcher in the field of live performance technology, Holland/UK.
  • Amanda Steggell and Per Platou of Motherboard, Oslo.
  • Michelle Teran, online performance artist from Toronto, Canada.
  • Leon Cullinane of the art/media prankster group C6 in Brighton, UK.
  • HC Gilje, video artist of Nervousvision, Oslo/Trondheim.
  • Niels Bogaards, sound artist and programmer, also on the Keystroke dev. team.
  • Ellen Røed, student at the Academy of Fine Art in Trondheim
  • Helen Torp Andersen, student at the Academy of Fine Art in Trondheim
  • Ina Pillat, video artist and media designer from Cologne.
  • Marius von der Fehr, sound artist, student at Oslo Art Academy, Norway.
  • Ivar Smedstad, morphmeister from the Media Art Academy (KHM), Cologne.
  • Gisle Frøysland, visual/electronic artist in 220Hex, BEK and BAK-Truppen, linux man from Bergen.
  • Jørgen Larsson, (electronic) musician, director of BEK.
  • Katrine Bølstad, choreographer student from the Norwegian Dance Academy.
  • Daniel Aschwanden, performance artist/choreographer of Bilderwerfer, Vienna.
  • Christian Bøen, student at Bergen Academy of Fine Art.
  • a couple of experienced online collaborators
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"HWLA (Hot Wired Live Art) is a live worklab project used to devise networked environments through the process of collective experimentation and play. The HWLA network is an international and interdisciplinary group of artists, technologists and researchers with a combined range of skills and technical expertise in electronics, streaming media, sensors, physical (social) space design, wireless technology, live video and audio processing, software programming, telepresence, dance, theatre, film and video art.
By setting up the HWLA creative worklab and through the process of collective play, we research the social and artistic applications of these technologies while generating a discourse around these issues. The first Hot Wired Live Art, initiated by Amanda Steggell and Per Platou, took place in Bergen Norway in January, 2000.

In september 2001, HWLA 2 - AIRWAVES, initiated by Michelle Teran, took most of the HWLA participants to Banff, Canada. Completely surrounded by mountains, we re-tuned in for a new collaborative experience."
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"Scott delaHunta: We had this opportunity to use radio 90 to broadcast this chat. Out beyond the building and the perimeter of The Banff Centre, which is very much in keeping with the concept behind this version Hot Wired Live Art, which is Airwaves. Which is the focus of a lot of the work that we have been doing since the 18th of August. Ways that we can wirelessly communicate between spaces and people. And today we have our last experiment today where I understand we will be setting up homemade antennas between one mountain top and another."

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