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Operating Systems:
Macintosh System 7.6 - 8.0
Windows 95
Rhapsody Developer Release
BeOS DR9/PR1 (preview release)
Browsers: Netscape Communicator 4.0, Internet Explorer 4.0

I work on two laptops, a Toshiba Libretto 50 and a PowerBook 3400.

Albania collapses into chaos following the fall of President Sali Berisha.

Middlebury, Vermont, Monday, March 10, 1997: Photography hurts, Small, sepia-toned morgues. In bed and on the bus, by MOJE and on the subway I read Krishnamurti's The School of Understanding. I try ... How little do I really know about photography... Tell me, what else do you want to hear. Perhaps that I am perpetually late, that I still listen to Saluzzi, that I sometimes get lost, that (as it turns out after years of laborious research) Uqbar is no fiction at all, that I don't like metal ballads anymore, that new Supernovas exist, that last month I saw a few of Atget's 1926 originals. My large table and tea from Kenya. Great escapes. Isolation and loneliness, which is alluring.
"Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper, all too familiar to me. I know, you will later say that these are passions, that I shouldn't, that these are exaltations, utopias, nonchalance and imagination, introversive manipulations! I live this way.

22nd and 23rd of May: Beauty and the East - a Nettime Conference - takes place at the Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. Publication of ZKP4.

June-September: Hybrid Workspace and Makrolab at Documenta X, Kassel
September: openX at Ars Electronica, Linz
October 29 - November 1st: P2P Conference, Amsterdam
November 5-9: ostranenie 97, Dessau, Germany (meeting of the V2_East/Syndicate network)

The Nettime-reader ZKP4 is published.

Tim Dorcey (author of CU-SeeMe) releases the first version of iVisit, a videoconferencing/chat software.

i am doing a bunch of audio programming with the BeOS running on my 8500/120 (PowerPC 604). although there isn't much documentation or sample code it's been pretty easy to get sound happening - much more straightforward than on a mac. plus it's reeeeal fast. I'm playing with an application called "audio elements". It crashes under DR8.3, but it seems pretty stable with DR9.

Listening to: Atari Teenage Riot (The Future of War), Panacea (Low Profile Darkness), Fennesz (hotel paral.lel), the first Ambush relase (Escape From South London)...
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September: Apple gives a presentation of the new operating system Rhapsody, based on NeXTStep.

Swedish software producers Propellerheads come up with "Rebirth", a virtual music production machine consisting of a TR-909, a TR-808 and TWO TB-303's.

Sub/Version was founded in 1997 or so by Pure and myself as a reaction to the development of dark UK post-jungle-drum'n'bass that was emerging at the time. As 4-4 hardcore was growing stale and "breakcore" was still in its infancy, darkstep, techstep or whatever-step was opening new pathways of serious d-a-r-k dance music.

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