Peter Fend

Peter Fend received his BA at Carleton College in 1973. Seeking a synthesis of art and science he founded the Ocean Earth Development Corporation in 1980, where he assembled artists, architects, as well as scientists. The group”˜s aim is research on alternative energy sources. They use satellite imaging to monitor and analyze global ecological and geopolitical hot-spots, largely for media clients. Considering the world a living earthwork, ecological aspects are linked to and interconnected with artistic aspects.

(source: Thomas Y. Levin, Ursula Frohne, Peter Weibel (eds), CTRL Space. Rhetoric of Surveillance from Bentham to Big Brother, ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, 2002, p. 638.)

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Resources: link) (short bio)

Territory - a talk by Peter Fend, part of the Dictionary of War project, October 14th 2006 (50 Mb ogg video file): link)

Peter Fend: H2EARTH, in: Metamute, London, 2001. - A ten page feature in which the West's War on Terror is examined in relation to Central Asia’s precious oil reserves. link)

Peter Fend: Art and Advertising,, 1994 link)

Peter Fend: Public letter to Jenny Holzer, 1994 link)


Michael Corris: Peter Fend - Marc Jancou Gallery, London, in: Artforum, 1994. link)

Ronald Jones: Mapping: A Response to MoMA, in: Frieze, 1995 link)

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