Polar Circuit

"Polar circuit is a workshop and residency series developed by Tapio Mäkelä that began in 1997 in Northern Finland. With later editions of 1998 and 2000, polar circuit workshops have brought together nearly 200 media artists for 3-8 weeks to collaborate, cook, workshop, and interact under the midnight sun. Organized in a very low budget manner, there was no pressure to produce visible results to a public at the end of each session. Participants would however produce a lot of new work and start collaborations, many of which are active today. Also a loose network of polar circuit participants keeps in touch. This network also facilitated a Solar Circuit workshop in Tasmania, Australia in 2002." (src(external link))

Polar Circuit was initiated by Tapio Makela in 1997. Hosted by the University of Lapland, an environment of healthy feedback, processes, problem solving and collaboration as a means of broadening concepts and networks for hybrid art production, was fostered. Src: http://www.scanz.net.nz/over_context.html(external link)

1998, July 16 - 18: net.radio workshop at POLAR CIRCUIT II, Tornio, Finland
Sources: http://re-lab.net/polar/(external link)

2002: Solar Circuit 2K2 was held in Tasmania, Australia in 2002. Partners included the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Museum. The residency portion was held on Maria Island, a wildlife sanctuary.
Source: http://www.scanz.net.nz/over_context.html(external link)

2006: Solar Circuit International New Media Workshop and Residency Aotearoa New Zealand event. Otherwise known as SCANZ. This event was held July 3-16, 2006 in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Source: http://www.scanz.net.nz/(external link)

http://polarcircuit.info/(external link)

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