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At the end of 1988 I sell my C64 to get an Amiga A500. I start making music with the Amiga500 and update to a A1200 later on. It's equiped with 4GB harddrive and 32MB ram.. those day's Protracker rules my life.

4-5 November: Les Transinteractifs, Paris-Toronto interactive event.

I'm listening to Laibach (Let it be), Iron Maiden (7th Son of a 7th Son), Slayer (South of Heaven), Bathory (Blood Fire Death), Front 242 (Front to Front)...
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I work with InterAccess, a non-profit artist-run centre in Toronto, to establish the world's first public-access UNIX server dedicated to telecommunications art and artists, called Matrix. From 1988-1992 I lead this project, including the design and programming of the user interface for the system, which features international e-mail and Usenet, interactive online artworks, and full-colour graphical pages by artists - six years before the invention of the World Wide Web! (src(external link))

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