Icecast stuff

NEWS (25.08.07). successful streaming test! i activated port forwarding so that my computer could be accessed through an URL ( Then, I was running the Icecast server and streamed the audio from a Puredata patch (see link) ). The stream was sucessfully accessed by a remote listener (Amirali, in Iran). It works!

NEWS (15.08.07). i installed an Icecast server under OSX... it's a bit complicated but it's possible, it took me less than a day. unfortunately, i didn't take notes as i was doing it, so it's not easy now to remember all the steps.

some basic knowledge that is needed:
- you probably need to install the OSX developer tools in order to be able to compile.
- you need to know how to use the terminal (how to navigate folders from there)
- a great source of informations about audio streaming in a UNIX environment: link)
- you need to know how to compile source code from the terminal
- maybe you want to make visible some invisible folders..
- about the location of all the UNIX stuff in OSX (/usr, /etc, /opt, /sw...)

failed attempts:
i tried to install Icecast with Darwinports and Fink, wich seemed to be "easier" methods of installing a UNIX program...
Both didn't work, Darwinports blocked at some point because it couldn't download some libraries (the Ogg stuff, the server doesnt allow connections for some reason), and it wouldn't go further...
note (29.8.2007): it looks like the xiph server is running again, so quite possibly the Darwinports method would now work and be the most straightforward.
Fink doesn't have Icecast2 available, so it's pretty useless for this.

So i downloaded all the missing libraries, installed it by hand (from the terminal) and finally i had it working..

download locations: link) - icecast itself. i used this file "Source: icecast-2.3.1.tar.gz"
Of course if you're on windows, you should select and install the .exe file.

appendix: Apache server stuff, etc...

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