Art Servers Unlimited

Art Servers Unlimited, 1-4 July 1998, London link)

ASU - was the conference and event by and about initiatives and organisations in Europe, which focus on supporting the artistic use of the internet. London, 1st to 4th of July 1998, ICA New Media Centre and Backspace. link)
The conference was structured into four parts: the preperatory mailing list u-unlimited, working meetings at backspace, the conference at the ICA and the party 'UNLIMITED' at its New Media Centre.

Among other things, Marko Peljhan is presenting the Insular Technologies project.

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Speakers were: Daniel Molnar/Pararadio/Budapest, Borut Savski/MZX/Ljubljana, Gio D'Angelo/Backspace/London, Rasa Smite/OZOne/Riga, William Rowe/ProteinTV, Pit Schultz/Mikro,Nettime/Berlin was moderator of the panel:

"Let's start to talk about radio on the net. The question is, if the notion of radio is the right one for the praxis of what is called We have a range of participants here, who have different approaches to practically define what is.
To start with, we just had a meeting in Berlin under the name ' days 98', and one of the interesting outcomes was the plurality of the definition of, so I think this is symptomatic to all kind of definitions such as 'art servers' or 'institution'.
I think we are in a time, where the technology follows the practise, so the practice is faster than the terms, or the bottom goes faster than the top."

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