Binghamton letter

We are hearing so much about "Broadcast standard" in video. But the more important the content is, the technical standard tends to be less perfect ... e.g., CBS report on the dissenters in Soviet ... and many satellite relays, which tends to lose color sync often ... and finally MOON LANDING.
Moon landing's picture was way way below the FCC broadcast standard. Why did FCC not forbid the broadcasting of Moon landing? ... it was a double standard. Moon landing killed so-said FCC standard in video technology for good .... This fact is as important as a very competent chief engineer at Cal Arts video studio.
Telephone is point to point communication system.
Radio-TV is a point to space communication system ... like fish egg.
Ultimate goal of video revolution is the establishment of space to space, or plain to plain communication without confusion and interference of each other.
How to achieve this goal?
it will need decades of experiments. Douglas Davis' Hokkaidim event at Corcoran Gallery (last June) was so far the most ambitious endeavour to touch this home base at one shot. Nobody expected a hole-in-one, but it showed vividly that our direction was right, workable ... and many more experiments should be done toward this very end.

(src: BINGHAMTON LETTER, Nam June Paik, 1972 Jan, 8)

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