"a revolutionary collection of modular objects for the MAX programming environment".

short timeline of events:

1996: first mailing-list activity

1997: audio cd publication: krop3rom||a9ff
the internet domain is created by Andrew McKenzie (h3o).

1998: the programs 0føOO3, b1257+12 and @¶31®�≠Ÿ are released.

1999: February-July: a series of visual software applications is released: m9ndfukc.0+99, k!berzveta.0+2, kinematek.0+2, nebula.m81, !=z2c!ja.0+38
July: first public release of nato.0+55

2000, November: nato summit at DEAF_00/Rotterdam.

2001, August: nato workshop at Betaville/Paris.
NN is working as artistic guest director at STEIM.
Nato workshops are hosted at STEIM in May and December.

2002: NN gives a few concerts around Europe.

2003: vanishes.

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