VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms (95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP), licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
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extracts from IRC chat (10th May 2007 test session):

[0:29] fe2cruz: cym, that is what i was doing cut a video into images and then resize in photoshop then upload to ftp
[0:30] fe2cruz: with virtualdub its easy to capture & create a set of images
[0:30] fe2cruz: just a lot of steps
[0:31] cym: fe2cruz, i'll do that! i thought it was supposed to be everything directly from the webcam
[0:31] fe2cruz: well with virtualdub you can capture from the webcam still
[0:32] fe2cruz: you just select your capture source
[0:32] fe2cruz: it captures as a video, but then you just save it as a sequence of jpgs instead

[01:04] fe2cruz: thats why i use virtualdub to capture video as it does all the renaming for you
[01:05] fe2cruz: in virtualdub you can even put in an avi instead of capturing and it will chop it up into properly named images too
[01:06] cym: where do i get virtualdub? it sounds good!
[01:07] fe2cruz: its open source. just google it
[01:09] fe2cruz: no one really develops it any more though but there is an mpeg version and a a vdubmod version too

[01:10] paulav: how are you sending images so, without the patch?
[01:10] fe2cruz: virtualdub & FTP client, or web2ftp software
[01:12] paulav: mais c'est mieux avec tout ça que avec MAX?
[01:22] fe2cruz: we only use these other options because we either don't have access to MAX or our cameras aren't compatible with the patch, basically windows machine vs mac machines

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