"Image/ine, developed at STEIM from 1997, in close collaboration with Steina Vasulka, was the first piece of software (for normal computers) that allowed users to manipulate uncompressed video in real time. Limited, at the time, to 320x240 pixels at some 10 frames per second (the Macintosh 8600 was the dream machine), it nevertheless proved a point: artistic quality and stage guts made lack of frame rate and image quality of secondary interest; real time video manipulation could be done!"
Tom Demeyer, What is ImX? link)

"when imag/ine beta version was presented at steim in december 1996 being controlled by steina playing her midi violin, i was seating two meters from her with a task to change between different presets. it was a necessary help, since the program was not yet incorporating what is called "display states" nowadays. and guess what, i had developed simple patches in max, just to switch on the fly some settings which steina wanted to pass through during her performance. no matter what wishes i had at that time, tom's answer was straight: i want imag/ine to fully occupy the processor of the machine on which it is running. i want to squeeze out the most for video processing and what is needed for live control. if you want more, use another computer or whatever other device you prefer."
Marko Kosnik, an open letter to imag/ine and nato users and developers(external link), 2002.

"In 1996 Troika Ranch had a two-week residency at STEIM, where I first saw Tom Demeyer's real-time video processing program Image/ine. I first started using Image/ine in concert with Interactor, because Image/ine didn't allow the kind of complicated interactive decision making that I was used to having in Interactor. So, Interactor would process the MIDI data from my interactive sensors, and then tell Image/ine what to do."
Mark Coniglio, interview(external link), 2002

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