GEM is the Graphics Environment for Multimedia. It was originally written by Mark Danks to generate real-time computer graphics, especially for audio-visual compositions. Because GEM is a visual programming environment, users do not need any experience in traditional computer languages.

GEM is a collection of externals which allow the user to create OpenGL graphics within Pd, a program for real-time audio processing.

GEM was originally written by Mark Danks to do realtime openGL-based graphics on SGI and Win32 platforms.
Günter Geiger has ported GEM to LINUX. James Tittle has ported GEM to Apple's OS-X.
GEM is now maintained at the IEM by IOhannes m zmölnig. Future developments will be aimed at Linux, OS-X and Win32 platforms.
GEM is open source software, it is free for any use and can be downloaded from the internet. GEM runs on LINUX, OSX, Win32 and IRIX platforms.

1998, February: Mark Danks announces the release of GEM 0.72 ”” it is no longer in beta.

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