gAlan is an audio-processing tool for Linux and Win32. It allows you to build synthesisers, effects chains, mixers, sequencers, drum-machines etc. etc. in a modular fashion by linking together icons representing primitive audio-processing components.

1999, August: Development started on the 1st of August, 1999, and the first pre-alphas went out on the 19th of August. The website went live for the first time on the 25th, and alphas will be sent out to a select few over the next few days.

2003, July 8: galan-0.3.0_alpha1 is released. This adds support for jack transport to the sequencer plugins. General bugfixes. "why is nobody using galan-0.3 ? please people. use it its better."

2004, May 13: galan-0.3.0_beta6 is released. This adds fst to gAlan. This enables you to use Steinberg VST(i) plugins in gAlan. link)

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