"blue is a music composition environment for use with the Csound sound system. It is written in Java and runs on Linux, Windows, and MacOSX."

"blue is a java program for use with Csound. Its interface is much like a digital multitrack, but differs in that there timelines within timelines (polyObjects). This allows for a compositional organization in time that seems to me to be very intuitive, informative, and flexible." link) link)

"Lately I've been playing around with interfacing PD and Csound. Something that I did and found very useful was to use the PD GUI external [breakpoints] to overwrite the information in a Csound table with its own data each time a point is created or moved. In this way Csound envelopes can be chanaged in realtime. So I was wondering if something like this could be implemented in Blue. It would be great to have a breakpoints GUI widget in Blue that can be attached to a table. this was quite easy to do with the [csoundapi~] by overwriting the table sending a "event f" creating a GEN07 table and using the breakpoint data dumped from the [breakpoints] object each time a change was done. I guess it would be as easy to do with the Java API, am I right? Would that be useful to others? Was this discussed before? "

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