"Qtractor is a hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application for Linux. Qtractor is written in C++ and is based around the QT4 library by Trolltech. Its author is Rui Nuno Capela, who is also responsible for the very widely used Qjackctl, Qsynth and Qsampler line of Linux audio software."

The official catalog of Rui Nuno Capela's Linux sound & music software includes the following applications :

QJackCtl - GUI for controlling the JACK audio/MIDI server & transport control
QSampler - GUI for the very cool LinuxSampler project
QSynth - graphic front-end for the superb FluidSynth soundfont-based synthesizer
QTractor - a nascent audio/MIDI sequencer


2008, August: Qtractor 0.2.1 (fainty diva) is released.

http://qtractor.sourceforge.net/(external link)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qtractor(external link)

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