Linux Audio

Graphical Programming:

blue - java GUI for use with Csound
buzztard - modular music studio
gAlan - graphical audio language
Ingen - modular audio system formerly known as Om
jMax - modular visual programming environment for music
OpenSoundWorld - sound programming environment
Pure Data or Pd - graphical programming language

Code Based:
ChucK - Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly Audio Programming Language
Csound - Programming language for sound rendering and signal processing
SuperCollider - environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition

Audio Editors / Sequencers:
Ardour - a hard disk recorder and digital audio workstation application
Audacity - a digital audio editor application
BEAST - music composition and modular synthesis application
Frinika - music workstation software
Hydrogen - an advanced drum machine
Jokosher - audio editor
LMMS - music composer
MusE - a MIDI/Audio sequencer (not to be confused with MuSE)
Qtractor - multi-track audio and MIDI workstation
ReZound - audio editor
Rosegarden - a digital audio workstation program
Seq24 - MIDI music sequencer
Sweep - audio editor
Traverso - multitrack audio recording and editing suite

Freecycle - beat slicer
TiMidity++ - a software synthesizer that is able to convert from MIDI to various formats
Mixxx - a digital DJ-style mixing program
GStreamer - Multimedia framework for Linux
SoX - cross-platform command line utility
NASPRO - Architecture for Sound PROcessing
JAMin - suite of post-production audio utilities

Linux Distributions:
64 Studio at link) (Debian-based)
Apodio at link)
DeMuDi, audio/music software for Debian GNU/Linux (NB: DeMuDI is no longer in production.)
dynebolic at link)
JAD at link) (based on OpenSUSE)
Musix_GNU+Linux at link)
Planet_CCRMA, audio/music software for Red Hat Linux
StudioToGo! at link)
Ubuntu Studio, an Ubuntu based distribution geared toward multimedia
Gentoo Pro-Audio overlay at link)

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Linux Media Players

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