Software for live sampling and audio processing. Algorithmic composition and improvised audio manipulation in real time. The audio engine uses Csound, and the composition logic is built with Python.

The ImproSculpt software was written as part of the piece "Delta" for Choir and Computer, commissioned from "Midt-Norsk Solistensemble" and premiered 8th of November 2002.
"Written in Csound, ImproSculpt remains one of the most flexible software instruments I've seen or used. But it is a huge beast to control. Currently, there's over 450 parameters to tweak ! And I would have added many more, had I found a way to design the user interface to better reach such a number of knobs instantly and without thinking twice. I'm still building on it, slowly adding modules and refining old ones, but it seems the basic structure have been set." link) link)

"I've also been working with Øyvind Brandtsegg's superb ImproSculpt, my favorite Csound interface. ImproSculpt is especially designed for live performance, with user-controllable modules for pitch-tracking, pattern sequencing, soundfile granulization, and many other useful effects and functions. It is not a generalized interface for Csound, but if you've ever wondered what modern Csound can do, ImproSculpt provides a superb extended example of its capabilities. An ImproSculpt Wiki has been established, check it out for more details regarding this wonderful software." link)

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