"In collaboration with its partner organisations, Hull Time Based Arts (HTBA) first developed plans for the exStream project in 2001. exStream was conceived as a platform for European experts, artists and engineers, working with and developing creative open source software solutions, specifically in the area of streaming media, to come together to share knowledge and technical expertise through workshops, seminars and residencies in order to encourage new local experiences and collaborations on a trans-European level. (...)

Open source development in the cultural field clearly illustrates this new model of working, and as such is an integral part of exStream. In this context, HTBA has been inspired by the work of the exStream partners, such as InterSpace Media Art Center in Bulgaria that launched a project called Open Source Software Solutions for Bulgarian NGOs, which aims to create an understanding of the philosophy and advantages of free software use; the V2_Lab, which has promoted the artistic use and development of open source tools for many years; and Public Netbase's history of critical and theoretical reflection on the issue through events, conferences and publications. (...)

In the case of the exStream partners, this was practically realised in a variety of ways, from reboot.fm at Bootlab in Berlin, which shows us how open source can be applied in a public radio broadcast, to StreamStudio, a project developed by Stoyan Kostadinov throughout the exStream project and during his exStream residency at HTBA. The latter, which has now been installed at HTBA, is an open source solution that has enabled HTBA to live stream events and to develop an online collection of audio, video and new media art."

Walter van der Cruijsen, hy exStream?

http://freebitflows.t0.or.at/f/exStream/why(external link)

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