1877: Thomas Edison invente le phonographe (sur rouleau de cire), dont le but avoué était d'enregistrer les voix pour que les descendants puissent converser avec leurs ancêtres (à la différence d'Emile Berliner, qui dix ans plus tard invente le gramophone (disque plat) pour enregistrer de la musique). Cf. phonography

1877: Russo-Turkish War.

In 1877, the year in which Courbet died, Monet began working on 'series paintings'. The first in these series was Gare St. Lazare. Monet painted motifs over and again, to capture the effect of differing light on the subject. Other series, which followed Gare St. Lazare, were the famous Haystacks series (1891), Poplars (1891), and the Rouen Cathedral (1892). The late 1880's through the 1890's, Monet's perseverance paid off. He had his first big success at an exhibition with Rodin in 1889 and he was well on his well to establishing himself as a successful artist.

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