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pistes for future scenarios:

> film "le mépris" (contempt) : Ulysse and Penelope with « la toile de Pénélope » a linenen sheet / an echo to the "toile" of the web link) / repeat performance / make again yet and yet / maybe end / ever the begining / the waiting / suspension / suspens / love / sex / mix with Bataille: "le gros orteil" /

- re-enactement of an historical event

- adaptation of a text - of wich nature?
> litterary (Fables de la Fontaine, novels by Chandler, Dick, Dostoievsky,...)
> essays (Marx: Das Kapital; Bataille: L'Erotisme; ...)
> Technical-corporate (Al-Quaida's handbook, ...)
> mythological: The Odyssey,...

- hire a play-writer to write an original piece for the aether9 ensemble!

This math and myth with rythm of the 7.. begining to tell me something too. Particularly by sound that i would like work during performance.
For example superpositions of voices and sounds in backround. Background like an aether space-time where can find differents uses of 7 (name of airplanes by number 7,etc... link)) and how this background and voice emerge and are to mix in live then i watch and read common interfaces (skype, interface html..) who influence me (like a baby learn with objects to manipulate together :-)--Nathalie

MATH AND MYTH? returning to chance...
the seventh of July fast approaches...League is thinking about the meaning of numbers and chance, and myths made by the two in mental coordination with one another - the idea of the familial and familiar stories mapped out by numbers, surreal bunnies - fecundity in domesticity? (looked at the rabbits video and following your text on the baby below...) can we be mathematicians and myth-makers, or maybe the Math is Myth?

multiple time options? link)

a baby is alive

An introduction to this collective writing :

A baby is born in the "edit" window
and in order to develop him/her
he/she need others
he/she need objects too
he/she need lights and colors
to develop senses, sensations, olfactiv and sensitive relation with the world
so this baby you can touch and he touches you in back..
l'enfant (infans = he that cannot speak ---> sound )

What object?
What relation and gesture with it?
What color or light is in the ambiance?(external link)
What sensations feel the baby?
What do the baby want to tell?
What relation with person the baby have?
What do the baby do with this other?
Where is it happening?

If we start with a baby, we might question the notion that 'family' will be the best social organization we can come up with in the current century. There will be an estimated 20 Million African Orphans by 2010 (currently 11 million) + 5 million elsewhere. 25 million people who will not be raised in a family as we understand 'family'. I propose that we speak (across time and culture) to them in our performance.

Each of us, in our diverse cultural backgrounds, has 'family stories'....the tales that are told over and over again within the family or to any new person who enters the family, as a guest or new husband, child or wife. These stories contain coded information. They are not as simple as they seem and they are not reliable reports about any one incident.

For example, there are stories of the 'migration of ancestors' that cover traveling from one country to another in wartime or maybe only two towns away and a hour car journey in a time/place of affluence and peace. In my family a story was always told of my grandmother buying matching dresses for her daughter (my mother) and herself made of loud colored and wild patterned fabric. The story was told gently, as a joke, but underneath that what was said was that my mother had to fight for her selfhood and that neither of these woman would ever be acceptable in the new family and new city that they found themselves living in after my mother's marriage.

How the repetition of this story is handled by those who were the butt of the joke is a key to how the outsider understands the notion of family. This script can be a multi-memoir of family structure told with voice over, enactment and camera closeups on evocative objects/photos in seven minute segments. (J. Nylon)

chris wrote:
It'd be fun with no text just numbers. This way we don't
have to translate. We can just interpret 7 formulas as visuals.
so i'm interested by number 7 because its linked with the rythm, for exemple the 7 chakras :
the aether is a chakra located in the throat--Nathalie

We won't need a person to tell us to change
chapters either. We just all start at the same time and
then change synchrnized at 7 minutes everytime. We can
all use this browserbased stopwatch: link)

i am in favor of chris simple propositions:
- no text but numbers if necessary
- common start and then no necessity of one person shouting NOW ACT 32!

Yep, i find auto-regulation by rythm of speedonumber interesting too--Nathalie

some time ago manuel suggested to watch the "rabbits" serie of lynch, as source of inspiration. personnaly i like this in terms of rythm. the rythm of actions is good for aether9 or aether777 performances i find. it's very grotesque in a way. i'd like to mock it a little bit. and i still find that we need some tale, not only formal elements. i like also the sounds in "rabbits".

the "rabbits" are still there: link)



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