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vitals: May 17-25 2008 link) link) link)
theme - Public Sphere
festival - VJ gathering, new media, etc. link)

Open public spaces of freedom remind me of German coed public baths.
They are completely alien to North Americans as there are no hangups,
no hegemonic forces, no social issues.
WORM show was nice. Like the Lumiere Train Arriving to Station, aether l2
has arrived. Is there a way we can have the HTML interface color oscillate
during the performance? So the cells stay black & white but the frame slowly
changes colors. As this happens the greyscale cells would hopefully trick
the eye into seeing the opposite color of the frame of the interface. If
that is not possible,some other kind of active frame like the simple lines
from WORM would be nice.

actual script:
please contribute.............

paula in a simon says play:
The other day...april. after the mapping festival performance i was thinking about an idea to do with aether dispositif. The funny thing was that it had a common thing about the first part of this brainstorming. Public Baths.
So i was thinking about it because of the public bathrooms and the graffiti, scratch, notes, explicit drawings that some times i found in some obscure nigth places. In latin américa particulary there is an interesting photographic study that could be made about graphisme and things i think. Anyway i'm always interested in graphism and do i in live performance... doing things graphicaly manually to put it live in video performance. So i thought about this idea.
Basic: a public bathroom somewhere in each frame. an actor painting the bathroom, drawing the walls, and communication with others, with the others frames who are doing the same. It could be the public showers but it is easyer to do it in a bar somewhere.
Actually i'm trying to adaptate the idea to this... because it was more complicated... it was related to pornographic chats and messages in public bathrooms.
i will try to draw a map of the first idea transformed maybe somebody will give someothers.


Something like that. I could write other ideas, i wish this one could make everybody play simon says to developpe a good ones for next performances.
writing it i realised that adaptation from the firs idea i have in mind , is not very useful but it's maybe a good start.

I also thougth about sound and performance in place... and i thougt that it could be interesting to put 9 or 8 channels in separate speakers. to send sound from all aethernauts places picked from people talking dirty in all languages.

well... i will continue tomorrow... waiting for new ideas.

SIMON the game sounds so cool! link)
Ok that might be easier than the oscillating colors.
I'm not good at HTML but here's the idea as interactive for home viewers:
the 8 outer cells have two different colors imposed over the monochromatic
stream and the background. So the whole cell becomes one or another color.
one for active and one for rest. each aether would have would have to
stream grayscale black/white. the interface would control the active and
passive color changes. a midi or some other pattern genorator could
instruct color patterns to the interface like the electronic simon game.
a pattern would play say 12 or so colors in a rythmic sequence and rest
for a minute. This could give the chance for the viewer to mouse over
each cell. When you mouse over the cell it will activate the 2nd color.
The viewer then has to repeat the pattern they just saw. the center cell
could say something like: aether says. and then something else: your turn.
It seems easy in my head. But I don't know if its too complicated to
design as into the interface.

Simon says...AETHER says... i think this idea is the one we could developpe for PIXELACHE festival. I don't know if we have to explain the idea exacly with the submision. But let's work on it. It has a lot of potentials to performance with it, new ideas of interaction or even syncronisation between us. Working with colors, we have already try, but with the simon's game basic form it could be interesting.
one aspect is interaction. good to play with colors, or colored objects in boxes. opening boxes in each frame with actors. the boxes contain colored objects and gadgets. the viewer in the performance should click in order a color for each frame, if he doesnt follow the order, the remote performers must do some funny actions to show him he is wrong. i don't know if i express the idea comprensible

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