Willoughby Sharp

"I met Joseph Beuys in Düsseldorf in 1958. From then until his death in 1986, we had a close, collaborative relationship. I was instrumental in bringing Beuys’ work to the attention of the American art world, starting with an ARTFORUM interview inDecember, 1969, and producing Beuys' solo show in New York at Ronald Feldman Galery in New York. In 1974, at Beuys’ request, I videotaped «I Like America, America Likes Me» at the Rene Block Gallery, New York. In 1979, Beuys invited me to curate the film and video sections of his retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum. I began my media work in 1967 by shooting a small number of films including Earth, Place and Process, then tapes, video sculpture, videoperformance and broadcast TV.

At San Jose State TV in 1970, I began my Videoview dialogues with Bruce Nauman. In the late 1970s I made a series of pre-Internet projects simultaneously interlacing information from computers, telefax and Slow-Scan TV, leading to global streaming transmissions."

Source: http://www.orbit.zkm.de/?q=user/209(external link)

1977: Send/Receive

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