Victory over the Sun

After organizing "The First Pan-Russian Congress of the Seekers of the Future" on his Finnish estate in June 1913, Mikhail Matyushin completes the sccore for Kruchenykh's opera, Victory over the Sun. It would be his most significant contribution to Cubo-Futurism.

Staged on 3 and 5 December 1913 (...) at the Luna Park Theatre in St. Petersburg, Victory over the Sun was the product of Russian Futurism's greatest talents. Kazimir Malevich designed the abstract set and costumes, and the practically invisible and taciturn Khlebnikov wrote the prologue. (...)

Victory's two performances resulted in a huge scandal and Russian Futurism's finest hours. Over the years, Matyushin and the other participants would frequently return to their personal memories of it.

Source: Mel Gordon: Songs from the museum of the future: Russian sound creation (1910-1930), in: KAHN, Douglas, WHITEHEAD, Gregory (editors): Wireless Imagination

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