Spring '99 Syndicate Meeting

Budapest meeting
C3 - Center for Culture and Communication, Budapest, Hungary
23 - 25 April 1999

"The meeting that took place in Budapest in April '99 was originally planned to take place at Cinema REX in Belgrade where it would bring together media artists, curators and critics from different European countries, as well as from the FRYugoslavia, and will initiate public debate and informal discussions about the role of media art and electronic culture in the ongoing transformation processes. (...)

The Borders group discussed the problem of how people who want to flee the war zone can be helped. The restrictive immigration policy of the EU countries means that many refugees are stuck in the region. It became clear very quickly that a feeble structure like the Syndicate cannot tackle the refugee problem as a whole, but that we may be able to support some of the existing efforts, like the Balkan Sunflower project that seeks to support the social and cultural life in refugee camps and the RIKS (Reconstructing via Internet Kosov@ Society) project that is creating Internet connectivity for the refugee camps, or by joining in the political fight for more open border policies, like through the Open the Borders Statement that was issued by Syndicate members in March (URL: http://www.teleportacia.org)(external link) and that has since been signed by many individuals and that has been translated into multiple languages."

http://www.code-flow.net/museum/balkania/papers/syndicate.html(external link)


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