Two-Way-Demo: Send/Receive
By Liza Bear, Willoughby Sharp

On September 10 and 11, 1977, the first two-way live broadcast between New York and San Francisco take place. Put into position in 1976, the NASA Satellite CTS is used for the occasion. The New York-based station, MCTV, receives a cable signal by satellite.

Throughout the two-and-a-half hour-long broadcast, the two-way telecommunication is the central theme: texts are read, video material recorded and discussed. The broadcast reaches almost 25,000 spectators.
Source: Ann-Kathrin Schlote, Pioniere der Telekommunikationskunst, unpublished Master of Arts dissertation, University of Heidelberg, 1998, p. 77. link) link)

"Other participating artists included Andy Horowitz on the West Coast. The broadcast consisted of discussion and debate, readings, and prerecorded video footage." Source: Inke Arns, link)

In 1977, with Avalanche magazine in New York, La Mamelle coordinated the Send/Receive Project - an early two-way satellite transmission between New York and San Francisco, with simultaneous broadcast on New York and San Francisco cable TV channels.

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