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(Lucy of the League)
I am not sure that a coordinated map any longer fits into this. I think it would be best if we each use a completely different map at the end, and that finally we abandon and pull away from the central character - that we go from reaching out/reaching towards to ISOLATION.

I like the actions and motivation, but I do fear that the viewer may not view this as a cohesive, that the objects may not read as such. I suggest that we also include text on the outer frames (not the central character) - that we use a combination of objects and text, sot hat the objects have an interplay with key words, like CONNECTION, OBJECTIVE, SUBJECTIVE, HERE...

basic idea:
- There are 9 cells
- There are six performers in the six first cells.
- In the 3 bottom cells, automatic flows of images are displayed. these images show objects of luxurious nature and
interesting to look at (fashion, art, high end tech or tools, jewels etc) but not useful in the broadcast location in Bulgaria (see: link)
- among these numerous luxurious objects are "hidden" usefull objects, essential objects (a key, a battery, eyeglasses, shoes, food, knife, matches, flashlight, rope, sweater etc... - they will be a relief amidst the onslaught of extravagant objects.)
> THIS ESSENTIAL THING: each performer shall search for 4 objects in his room/house, make an image of it and post the 4 produced images on the mailing list - for these 4 objects must be integrated to the "slide show" that contains the luxurious objects.
- during the performance, each performer must "select" each of his 4 objects, do things with it ("analyse" them and sort them in some ways) and then place it behind a door. (they coud also "reject" some luxurious objects)
- the central character pulls from his doorframe objects that look the same or close to the ones selected by others at other locations and he lays them in front of him.


We do not need any kind of synchronisation - except at the end.


(---> the useful, the desirable (without being needed), sharing, editing,...... the difference as to what this is from location to location.....and the show of what's on offer commercially that continues whithout anyone comsuming
> "found object" in games - TOC: Trouver Objet Caché)


Action ideas: MOVEMENT & MEANING
When you search for an object in your location, really search your room. Look under things, stand on chairs, stretch. Don’t just ”˜pretend search’, look for things as you would at home when nobody is watching you.

Express your concern for the character in the center square, reach out to him. Your arms/bodies can form a visual pattern like the swimmers in a Busby Berkeley film. You will each see where the center square is in relation to yourself very quickly. Then you also can feel fed up with his inability to take care of his own needs (compassion fatigue). What would that look like for you? The feeling you have at the time you finally pass the objects he needs outside you door is personal to you and will naturally differ. Good acting allows people to read thoughts in/on your face. The 'at rest position' of the face on camera is happy/alive but neutral; anything else you think is reflected and is an action.

The action in the center square can flow through all the feelings one has when there is nothing you can do that will affect the fear, anger, anxiety, then calm (perhaps meditative breathing posture) and surrender to the situation. Upon pulling the things you need from the pile of things left on your doorstep, how would you express you relief and gratitude. How generous can you be in editing what you agree to put outside you door to pass along to someone else?

Conflicting feeling drive action/acting forward. This is balanced with one of my favorite quotes: “Most of our problems proceed from our inability to sit quietly in a small room.” ”¦”¦.Pascal

The solution for the center character should come when he is calm. Then take the things from outside the door.

I don’t know what the time structure is, but if it is a long performance and the action needs extending, inter-cut video of ”˜on the road’ footage can be used in the boxes of the five people gathering objects if they did not find them in their interior location, they can travel to find them. And modification of those objects, food preparation or remodeling a sweater by cutting the sleeves off or something can be another extended action.


> a variant i like (Boris) would be that the two middle side frames act as "frontier runners" (passeurs in french), carrying-transmitting objects from the lower frames to the upper frames. > acts of transmission = running trough stairs, passing through doors, climbing a ladder (any ways of "HANDING OBJECTS" of all kind, that the top frame performers would process and select > passing many objects upwards.
> in that case the midlle frame side performers would also have some kind of bureaucratic duty towards the "central" character (like gesticulating to him, or handing him paperwork and files...)
> in that case it is only the 3 top performers that need to select their "usefull objects" (the other performers should find objects that are similar in any case).

i, Boris would like to act the central character - inspired by online recent video manifestoes style. last year in rumania i did a performance in this style, here's an image: link)

I also propose that the performance lasts 30 min.

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