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"News Room is a ongoing collaborative effort launched simultaneously in 1990 in New York and Amsterdam as a workshop for how to best manifest the potential of information from earth-observation and other independent sources for addressing the urgent global issues of our time. Its method is the re-mapping of information onto parts of the space, allowing a re-conceptualization of the problems and leading to solutions.

News Room has been produced in New York (twice), Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Cologne (twice), Stockholm, Paris, and Graz. It is now in Warsaw and Sharjah, adjacent to Dubai, in the Arabian/Persian Gulf. News Room Warszawa is an international project of Cabaret Voltaire, founded in 1916 in Zurich, and brought to Warsaw with funding from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia by Adrian Notz." (Source:, 2007)

"NEWS ROOM was created in the late 1980's by Greg Lehmann, Peter Fend, and George Chaikin. Lehmann is an artist and journalist, Fend an artist and architectural theorist, and Chaikin an artist and professor of Computer Graphics, Descriptive Geometry, and CAD at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union in New York City.

The NEWS ROOM, a project which invites the public to join in a critical analysis of the news media through enhanced access to diverse sources of news and information, has been realized over the past several years as gallery installations in Europe and the US.

It has always been participatory, but the installation format has limited participation to those who could actually visit. At the location, the visitors would find numerous video monitors showing the various "all-news" broadcasts from throughout the world, computers on line with information and news agencies, recent satellite images obtained over computer networks from downlink receiving stations as well as facilities for recording and producing news spots.

The format has proven popular and thought provoking, and we wish, in partnership with The Thing, the Bulletin Board for the community of artists, to extend the concept to all with access to the most elementary forms to interactive telecommunications." (Source:, 2000)


1990: American Fine Arts Co., New York
1994: Cologne Art Fair, Cologne, Germany
2000: Roger Smith Gallery, New York
2007: Galeria lokal_30, Warszawa, Poland link(external link)
2007: 8th Sharjah Biennial, United Arab Emirates link(external link)

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