Neoscenes Workshop 2

"The second event, nso project 2, was also based in Tornio (Finland), between 14 June - 9 July 1999. Formally, it was a four-week New Media workshop with 18 students from six Baltic countries. While many students concentrated their time on network-based digital projects — MUD-space construction, IRC conferences, Linux server configuration, and Web-authoring, there was significant activity outside the classroom in the form of performance, discussion, planning future projects, and social network-building."


In September of 1998, neoscenes occupation (nso) was formally launched as a networking project in the second Open-X venue at the 1998 Ars Electronica Festival.

1998, 27-28 November: "The first, nso project 1 (, was a 24-hour live network occupation and streaming event that was physically based in Tornio, Finland. Students from a "" course organized content after learning about the various tools that can be used to form the networking environment into a creative space. They engaged remote nso participants and others linking in from a variety of other locations with streaming content and various forms of dialectic chaos."

Source: John Hopkins, "neoscenes occupation - an international network-building project" (article written for net audio issue 1999) link)

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