IRC software

some open-source IRC software:

For linux and windows: link)
For OSX: link)
"i think Xchat is an easy program to download and use, for irc, more stable than web client" (ideacritik - 2007-06-08 21:32:44)

another open source IRC client, for OSX (10.3.9 or higher): link)

Chatzilla - an IRC client built into mozilla (should work on OSX, linux, windows...) link)

Preferred IRC Channel:
server: freenode (
channel: #aether9

method: in the server list, select freenode, then click connect.
when you see you have logged into the irc server, write in the chat line:
/join #aether9

alternative IRC chanel:
(type: /server
channel: #aether
(type: /join #aether)

browserbased chat interface: link)

Various info:
A list of basic IRC commands: link)

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